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NPR Personalities Reality Check

A friend recently posted a Buzzfeed article in which they showed pictures of various NPR personalities as imagined vs. as in actual life, and it was pretty dead on. You can check it out here. They overlooked a few that … Continue reading

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Where News Matters?

Tonight on the way to swim practice we were, as ever, listening to our local NPR station. After the reporter did the station ID “you’re listening to KPBS, where news matters”; The Kid says, “it’s so funny that they say … Continue reading

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Opting in to Investing in the Future

There was an interesting interview on Here and Now this morning. Robin Young interviewed a young woman named Nadia Taha, a married 20-something writer who lives in Manhattan, who has decided that having kids isn’t for her because she’s determined, … Continue reading

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Three cheers for 3!

Today the Krulwich Wonders blog on the NPR website turned me on to this great study being done by Alex Bellos. He’s asking you, me, and the rest of the world to submit our favorite number and the reasons why. He wants to … Continue reading

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Me and Books: The Reunion (Part 1)

2010 was a good year for me and leisure reading. We were reunited after a very long and difficult separation due to college, grad school, and a small child who didn’t like to sleep. We really missed each other. So … Continue reading

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