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25 Books in 2013

New year, new GoodReads Reading Challenge! Its already May, so I’ve been reading  and for months now and have made some headway toward my 25 book goal. I’ve got no real theme this year, I just want to make sure I fit a … Continue reading

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20 Books in 2012

Once again, I’m taking part in the GoodReads Reading Challenge, and this year I’m challenging myself to read 20 books. I know what you’re thinking: Wait… what? Last year she read 45 books, why lower the bar? Well, here’s the … Continue reading

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GOOOAAAL! 45 Books in 2011!

Well, I did it. I set out to read 40 books in 2011, and I read 45.  My cousin recently asked me how I am able to accomplish this, what with a full time job, another full time job consisting … Continue reading

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Well hello, Banned Books Week.

Welcome. You’re just in time to help me choose what I should read next. I recently glanced at the American Library Association list of banned and challenged classics and was rather surprised to see that six of the top ten … Continue reading

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The Halfway Point!

A friend recently read Room by Emma Donoghue on my recommendation and asked if I had any others she should put on her list. Well, her request is perfectly timed because as of yesterday I am at the halfway point … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Strangers, and Kids

The other evening after work The Kid and I stopped at Ralph’s to pick up some desperately needed groceries on the way home. It was a relatively uneventful trip. We procured the basics: eggs, bread, milk, cereal, yogurt, and of course cookies. Fast … Continue reading

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Water for Elephants: a PGMG book review

After hearing rave reviews of Water for Elephants (by Sara Gruen) from friends and family members, I decided to give it a go… despite my clown phobia and the circus aversion that generally results from said phobia. Thankfully, the story … Continue reading

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Me and Books: The Reunion (Part 2)

In addition to reuniting with leisure reading of my own, 2010 was doubly amazing for my inner bookworm as this was the year that Emma fell in love with chapter books. And I get to relive my childhood by reading … Continue reading

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True Confession: I’m 32 years old and devouring Mockingjay.

I know I’m not the only one out there with secret literary vices; after all, I’ve browsed the “free” section of the Kindle bestsellers. But I can honestly say that I’ve never been tempted to download Compromising Positions or White … Continue reading

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iPad vs. Kindle: The Smackdown

For years now I’ve been pretty anti-Mac. Mostly because I’ve been turned off by the “cooler than thou” Mac attitude.   I guess I identify with the PC guy; I sure as heck do not personify Mac’s target market.  So after … Continue reading

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