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Bagrada hilaris, Not So Hilarious

Yesterday I asked my friends and fellow gardeners what this bug might be that has suddenly invaded my garden and is ravaging my tomato plants: My friend Valerie did some detective work and we’ve confirmed that the pest is the … Continue reading

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Hey pests, get outta here. You’re bugging my tomato plants!

Dear fellow gardeners, What is this bug and WHY are there suddenly a million of them eating my tomato plants?  Anybody?

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Urban Farming! I’m doing it!

I couldn’t be happier that my garden is growing like crazy, so I’m going to boast like a proud parent and show off some pictures of the growing bounty. I’m sure there will be more to come as the melons, cukes, … Continue reading

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Halloweentime Begins!

Today the Kid invited one of the neighbor kids over to help her decorate our yard for Halloween. They spread spider webs on the bushes, helped me hang the candy corn lights, and arranged the glittery skeleton in a pose … Continue reading

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Push it!

When I mow my lawn every week and my neighbors pass by I can’t help but wonder if they are thinking one of the following three things: 1. That girl is nuts. 2. Salt-n-Pepa 3. Hmm… no gas, no electricity, … Continue reading

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