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Operator Please Connect Me… to 1986

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine posted this as his status update: imunna luv you ferever an ever ferever an ever ayymennn You recognize that? If you were a kid in the 80’s and your mama liked … Continue reading

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Where News Matters?

Tonight on the way to swim practice we were, as ever, listening to our local NPR station. After the reporter did the station ID “you’re listening to KPBS, where news matters”; The Kid says, “it’s so funny that they say … Continue reading

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The Queen of Carrot Flowers

When the Kid was about 5, she discovered the album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. She had different favorite songs on the album over time, with all time favorites being Two-Headed Boy and The King … Continue reading

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Growing Pains

Since the Boyfriend is a total night owl and stays up until ungodly hours every night; bedtime in our house is girl time; when the Kid and I hang out together and read books, or play Minecraft and Words With … Continue reading

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Imagining the Shape

The kid never ceases to amaze me with what music she latches on to. One day its Justin Bieber, the next she can’t get enough of something fantastic like The New Pornographers, her current musical obsession. Right now, she’s wearing out … Continue reading

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Opting in to Investing in the Future

There was an interesting interview on Here and Now this morning. Robin Young interviewed a young woman named Nadia Taha, a married 20-something writer who lives in Manhattan, who has decided that having kids isn’t for her because she’s determined, … Continue reading

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The Day She Discovered Led Zeppelin

I’m always thrilled when The Kid unexpectedly latches on to something musically awesome. And when it happens in the midst of Bieber Fever? Even better. This particular new interest was sparked last night when we were scanning radio stations on … Continue reading

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Makin’ Bacon

For your enjoyment, here is an excerpt from a conversation that The Kid and I had at breakfast today. Kid:  The movie Babe is really sad, huh. Me: I don’t remember. Why, does Babe die? Kid: No, but his mom … Continue reading

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A Haircut and a Cure

This is my friend Seth. Seth is going to shave off all of his luxurious locks and his beautiful beard a fundraiser for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research to find cures for childhood cancers. Seth … Continue reading

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Tomato Cage Prisoner: A Drama

Sometimes we get a little silly at the Home Depot. When you’re there several times in one day with a kid on the verge of crankiness, you’ve got to get the giggles while the gettin’s good. Also, I think someone … Continue reading

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