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Urban Farming! I’m doing it!

I couldn’t be happier that my garden is growing like crazy, so I’m going to boast like a proud parent and show off some pictures of the growing bounty. I’m sure there will be more to come as the melons, cukes, … Continue reading

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Makin’ Bacon

For your enjoyment, here is an excerpt from a conversation that The Kid and I had at breakfast today. Kid:  The movie Babe is really sad, huh. Me: I don’t remember. Why, does Babe die? Kid: No, but his mom … Continue reading

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Wake up! Its Lent!

Those that know me well know that while I’m a spiritual person, and I identify as a Lutheran, I am not the most religious of Lutherans. How am I not religious? Let me count the ways… child out of wedlock, … Continue reading

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Happy Ash Wednesday!

Remember that thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return.- Genesis 3:19 It’s that time of year again… Lent is upon us. Time to ask for forgiveness, reflect on our mortality, and test our resolve by giving up some … Continue reading

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Gimme Chive

What am I going to love the most about our new Garden of Eden Organics produce box adventure? The adventure! This is going to force me to be creative not just about what we eat, but how we eat it. … Continue reading

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Veggie Tales

Well, this is the week I finally decided to do something about the fact that we don’t eat enough vegetables around our house. I found what I hope will be a solution to our lack of vegetables, and will make … Continue reading

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