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NPR Personalities Reality Check

A friend recently posted a Buzzfeed article in which they showed pictures of various NPR personalities as imagined vs. as in actual life, and it was pretty dead on. You can check it out here. They overlooked a few that … Continue reading

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In the New Year

“I tell ya, I love you. And my hearts in the strangest place.” It’s my New Year’s Eve. Saying goodbye to 2015 felt good, but saying goodbye to 37 feels more significant somehow. 37 was an incredible, sweet, sad, heartbreaking, … Continue reading

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Floating in a Most Peculiar Way

Confession: The first time I remember singing my heart out and dancing to a David Bowie song, it wasn’t Starman, or John, I’m Only Dancing, or even Modern Love. It was Magic Dance. See, I was born a little too late … Continue reading

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25 Books in 2015: The Comeback

Another year, another attempt at reading 25 books! I’m determined to bounce back after a less than stellar reading year in 2014. I’m off to a better start this year than I was this time last year, so here’s hoping … Continue reading

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A letter to my daughter’s school, and anyone else who is shaming girls for what they wear

Hi friends, since many of you were curious about the letter I wrote regarding the recent dress code and girl shaming incidents at the kid’s school, here is the letter, with identifying information removed.  Thanks to the friends that took a … Continue reading

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Books and Books! Best of 2013

I read some books last year! Some of them were really good, and some were just ok. And for those of you who need the details on my favorites, I’m happy to tell you all about them. Don’t Lets Go … Continue reading

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Good Music, Good Friends, and a Good Cause

Looking for something to do tomorrow night? Saturday September 21st, 2013, is the second annual Amy Cole Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser House Concert! Featuring music from El Monte Slim, Dustin Illingworth (Tide Pools), and Marie Haddad with Kelly Duley, it’s going … Continue reading

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You Say Soda, I Say Coke

Hey, remember a while back when everybody was doing those regional accent video blogs? Well, a friend of mine just sent me link to a bunch of maps put together by a North Carolina University PhD student that are based on … Continue reading

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25 Books in 2013

New year, new GoodReads Reading Challenge! Its already May, so I’ve been reading  and for months now and have made some headway toward my 25 book goal. I’ve got no real theme this year, I just want to make sure I fit a … Continue reading

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Operator Please Connect Me… to 1986

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine posted this as his status update: imunna luv you ferever an ever ferever an ever ayymennn You recognize that? If you were a kid in the 80’s and your mama liked … Continue reading

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