NPR Personalities Reality Check

A friend recently posted a Buzzfeed article in which they showed pictures of various NPR personalities as imagined vs. as in actual life, and it was pretty dead on. You can check it out here. They overlooked a few that I have for a long time had very specific images of in my mind, so I decided to throw together a little as imagined vs. actual of my own, for your enjoyment. Ready? Let’s go.

Jad Abumrad in my mind…

jad abumrad

Jad Abumrad actual…

jad abumrad actual

Robert Krulwich in my mind…

robert krulwich

Robert Krulwich actual…

robert krulwich actual

Zoe Chace in my mind…

zoe chace

Zoe Chace actual…

NPR's Zoe Chace

Seriously, not far off. Like nails on a chalkboard that woman is for me.

Eleanor Beardsley in my mind…

Eleanor BEardsley

Eleanor Beardsley actual…

eleanor beardsley actual

The polar opposite of Zoe Chace, Eleanor Beardsley is far and away my favorite voice on NPR. Followed closely behind by…

Wade Goodwyn in my mind…

Wade Goodwyn

Wade Goodwyn actual…

wade goodwyn actual

I might consider paying actual dollars for Wade Goodwyn to come to my house and read aloud to me while we sit around a campfire in the backyard.

This was fun. I forsee another installment in the future. I’ll take your suggestions!


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