Where News Matters?

Tonight on the way to swim practice we were, as ever, listening to our local NPR station. After the reporter did the station ID “you’re listening to KPBS, where news matters”; The Kid says, “it’s so funny that they say ‘where news matters’ when sometimes it just doesn’t matter.”

So wise, that nine year old.

It’s even funnier when said nine year old makes a comment like that and her point is immediately proven by back to back ridiculous stories like this and this; and she says “see? This is not real news”.

I’ve created a monster.


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Mama. Bookworm. Hiker. Music lover. Retro enthusiast. Eater of nachos.
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2 Responses to Where News Matters?

  1. Jennifer says:

    You meant to say “where newsssss mattersssss”

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