Who’s Your Daddy?

Once upon a time, in January of 2012, a friend of mine had a dog, named Victoria, who got knocked up by neighboring dog, who promptly ran away.  Victoria had eight adorable puppies, and rather than making Victoria raise all eight as an octomom, my friend found loving homes for seven of the pups, and kept one to raise with Victoria.

Puppy pile!

Puppy pile!

We are one of those loving homes, and we picked up our female puppy, Clover, in March of 2012. Just about a year ago! Wow, time flies.

Baby Clover

Baby Clover

Anyway, as we watched Clover grow, we got to wondering what kind of dog Clover’s dad actually was. We obviously knew what breed Victoria was, but we were curious what we could find out about daddy. So just for the fun of it, we recently had a doggie DNA test done. After some research, we went with Wisdom Panel, as they seemed to have the best reviews. I saw a review that someone posted on Amazon, recommending that in order to get the most accurate dna sample we should have Clover drink some water and then crate her for a few hours so she can’t chew on anything, then swab the inside of her mouth before she has a chance to lick us or anything else. Thankfully Clover was quite cooperative when we followed those instructions, and we sent her samples off to be tested. The test said it would take three weeks to get the results.

While we patiently waited for the results, I sent around some pictures of Clover and asked some friends to chime in on what they thought Clover’s mix was, without telling any of them what we knew about her doggie parents.

What kind of dog am I?

What kind of dog am I?

In case you want to do some guessing of your own before you scroll down for the results, its probably important to know that Clover is about 14 months old, her back is about knee high (on a 5′-6″ me), and she weighs about 65 lbs. Here are the guesses we got, in order of frequency: Lab, Retriever, Australian Shepherd, Collie, Newfoundland, Coonhound, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, Setter. Good guesses!

And now, the envelope please…


Keep going…


A little further…



DNA says: Golden Retriever crossed with Saint Bernard/Australian Shepherd mix

Wisdom Panel mixed breed DNA certificate

We already knew that Clover’s mom Victoria was a Golden Retriever, and it was rumored that dad was a Saint Bernard/Husky mix.  I’m curious what the owners of the runaway daddy will say about the Saint Bernard/Australian Shepherd result, I don’t know how sure they were about what kind of dog they had before he took to the hills. I’d also be curious to see the result if any of Clover’s brothers or sisters have the test done. Doing the DNA test was a fun little exercise, an if any of you decide to do this with your mixed breed dogs, I want to see what kind of success you have with the test, so let me know the results!

Mama Victoria and her puppies

Mama Victoria and her puppies


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5 Responses to Who’s Your Daddy?

  1. JM Randolph says:

    I loves me a pile of puppies! What a lovely Clover you have.

  2. patti says:

    sweeet story! my dog when i was a kid (from 8-23) was an Australian Shepherd Springer Spaniel mix (possibly more in there too since we got him from a rescue place we may have only got some of the info). Clover looks so pretty and reminds me a little of Sprinter

    • PGMG says:

      Aw, Sprinter is such a cute name! Clover is definitely not a “sprinter”, a name like Lounger or Sleeper would probably be a better fit for her 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m so glad I found this as article. I never knew that doggie DNA tests were a real thing. I saved a beautiful st bernie and lab mix and for a year we have been going back and fourth about what kind of dig we had (although honestly we didn’t care since it was a pound puppy), it it’s nice to know. Thanks from shilo and his people family.

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