Imagining the Shape

The kid never ceases to amaze me with what music she latches on to. One day its Justin Bieber, the next she can’t get enough of something fantastic like The New Pornographers, her current musical obsession. Right now, she’s wearing out Twin Cinema every time we’re in the car. She likes to stick her head out the window “puppy style” and sing at the top of her lungs. I love it.

Yesterday, on the way to her evening Girl Scout cookie booth, she says to me. “mom, have you seen this band play live?”  And I tell her that I saw them play for a minute or two several years ago at San Diego Street Scene, but that I’ve never seen a whole show. And she says, “oh, ok. Because I’m wondering if when they play The Bleeding Heart Show, if they show you the shape. You know, when he says ‘our golden handshake has been smashed into this shape’. I’m not able to imagine the shape he’s talking about.”

I swear. She kills me. I love her so much. Here’s the song, lets see if you can imagine the shape.


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3 Responses to Imagining the Shape

  1. Emily says:

    So cute. I love this! Bleeding Heart Show is totally boss. Tell Emma that Carl is known for writing nonsensical lyrics and that she gets to imagine the shape for herself each time she hears it. That’s the fun part. For what it is worth, in my mind the shape is amoeba-like and two dimensional. That could change the next time I listen though. Also, I think that Challengers is easily my fave New Pornographers album. Emma should give it a spin if she hasn’t already. Laura loves “My Rights Versus Yours” and “Challengers.” She calls them “the ooooohhhh song” and “the hola song.” We need to get these girls together again. Xoxo

  2. adam says:

    Wow. It’s been too long since I’ve heard her loving something this good. Yes!

  3. JM Randolph says:

    I’ve never heard of this band- thanks for turning me on to something great!

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