Voter Registration Day – It’s for Everybody!

Hey everybody, it’s National Voter Registration Day!  No matter what your political persuasion, it’s in your best interest to cast a vote on Election Day.  You can check to find out the deadlines for voter registration for your state here, at and here, at At the website you can also check to see if you’re already registered, or find out if you can vote by mail (absentee voting).  If you live in California, click here to go straight to the Secretary of State’s voter registration page and get yourself registered.

While we’re on the subject of voting, it’s a good idea to check here to see what the identification requirements are for your state. Some states require a photo ID at the polls, so be prepared, there is plenty of time left to get your State issued ID if that’s what you need to do.

California has already mailed out Voter Information Guides, I imagine other states are doing the same. Get yourself registered, and give your Voter Information Guide a good read.  What? You can’t find your Voter Information Guide? No problem, here is a link to California’s Voter Information Guide, provided at the Secretary of State’s website. If you live in California, Pennsylvania, or Ohio, you can click here to go to Smart to find (unbiased) information about candidates and propositions on the ballot in your state. You can also find election information, including Voter Information Guides, voter registration information, etc. by visiting the website for the Secretary of State in the State where you live, and on the website. We’re only six weeks away from election day, so don’t dilly-dally! Register to vote today!

Here are those links again, in case you weren’t paying attention: – Election information, including registration, vote by mail registration, registration deadlines, etc. for ALL STATES – Find out voter registration deadlines, find out if you’re already registered, register to vote by mail

California Secretary of State – Register to vote, or vote by mail, in California; read the California Votor Information Guide

National Conference of State Legislatures – Find out voter ID requirements in your state – Learn about the candidates, propositions, and other measures on the ballot in California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania


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2 Responses to Voter Registration Day – It’s for Everybody!

  1. Jennifer Knox Watson says:

    Thanks for the post! I do my civic duty and vote in every election.

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