The Origin of the Owl

Back in 2008, the Boyfriend and I went to Seattle for the lovely wedding of two lovely friends. I took many, many, pictures on that trip, including this one of the Space Needle reflected on the walls of the Experience Music Project Museum:

Blurry Space Needle

And this one, of a drawer full of old photographs in a thrift store:

Big Toothed Lady

The one that people see the most though, is this one:

Wall Papered Alley

We were walking around the Pike Place Market and came upon a fellow with a guitar singing Two Headed Boy by Neutral Milk Hotel which, at the time, was The Kid’s favorite song on earth. He sounded pretty darned good, so we added a few bucks to his guitar case and listend with grins on our faces.

We then we wandered on our way and passed through this weird little alley street covered in show posters, flyers, and a great drawing of an owl. If you know me, you know I love owls, so of course I photographed it. I loved the owl drawing, and the flyer filled wall, the incline of the brick street… all the ingredients came together to give me one of my favorite photos from Seattle. I liked it so much, and it reminded me of such a great afternoon on our trip, that I decided to use the photo as the header image for the Pretty Girls Make Gravy blog, and as my PGMG thumbnail image.

Fast forward four years. Yesterday my friend Kevin, who is a fantastic artist, tells me that he found the artist who drew the owl on the Pretty Girls Make Gravy blog photo. Turns out he’s a street artist that Kevin randomly happened to be following on Instagram. Pretty cool coincidence! So now I can happily recognize Narboo, otherwise known as Brandon Baker, as the artist of the owl in my photograph from Seattle. Check out his website, he’s doing a lot of really great artwork, and it looks like he does some shows in Portland and Seattle so do yourself a favor and check them out if you live up that way. Also, check out Kevin’s website while you’re at it.


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