The Day She Discovered Led Zeppelin

I’m always thrilled when The Kid unexpectedly latches on to something musically awesome. And when it happens in the midst of Bieber Fever? Even better. This particular new interest was sparked last night when we were scanning radio stations on the way home from The Kid’s swim practice and we landed on Led Zeppelin’s The Ocean playing on some classic rock station. I told her that this was one of the bands that me and Papa used to listen to in the car.

The Kid: He’s cool.

Me: Yeah, Papa’s pretty cool, huh?

The Kid: I meant Led Zeppelin.

Me: Oh, well it’s a band, but the singer is named Robert Plant.

The Kid: Like a plant?

Me: Yeah.

The Kid: Oh. Is he still alive? (Side note: this is her go-to question whenever she learns about a new musician)

Me: Yeah, I think only one of the band members has gone to heaven.

We pull in the driveway.

The Kid: Can we stay in the car and hear the rest of the song?

Me: Sure, and we’ve got plenty of Led Zeppelin in the house if you want to listen.

The Kid: Yeah, can you turn it up loud so I can hear it while I’m in the bathtub?

I put on IV while she’s in the tub, mostly because I wanted Clover to hear Black Dog.

Clover, our Black Dog

After her bath, she starts asking more questions. She wants to know names, what instrument they played, etc. Then she says: “I’m gonna need a white board for this.”

I follow her in her room where she proceeds to write “Led Zeppelin” at the top of her white board, in the style of the logo. Then she gets back to asking me questions and starts recording the answers on her white board. Here is the end result of her lesson:

The fun continued this morning when we listened to Houses of the Holy while she ate breakfast and then in the car on the way to day camp. Here are some choice quotes from her during the ride:

“They’re good, but I still like RUSH better.” (That’s my girl).

“Haha, he said ‘Ooooh baby, baby, baby’ instead of ‘baby, baby, baby, oh’. That’s kind of funny.” (D’yer Mak’er).

“No Quarter? Mom, I forgot the quarters you gave me to get a snow cone today!”

Now go forth, and teach your children about classic rock. You will not be disappointed.


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