Kitchen Creek Hike

Last Saturday was a glorious day to be on the trail! It was the kick-off weekend for hikers going north from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail, and we decided to join the fun by hiking a 10 mile stretch near the southern terminus. We started our hike at Kitchen Creek Road and headed south toward Lake Morena Campground, where the PCT kickoff weekend festivities were being held.  We couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous day to spend in the outdoors; flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, and thanks to the recent rain, Kitchen Creek was happily flowing along.

All kinds of wildflowers blooming!

Looking down on Kitchen Creek from the trail.

We took a little side trip down to Kitchen Creek Falls, and decided that we definitely need to go back there to spend the afternoon picnicking and lazing about. The water was clear and beautiful, and it was quite tempting to take a little swim.

Looking down the steep part of Kitchen Creek Falls

Kitchen Creek Falls

Clear pools and green grasses at Kitchen Creek Falls

But our 10 mile goal pushed us onward and we soon found ourselves wandering through beautiful flowery meadows. I don’t know why, but oak trees make me so happy. I can say with confidence that oaks are my favorite tree. Quite possibly because from far away they look like giant broccoli florets, and up close they are the trees of fairy tales with mysterious faces on their trunks and giant arms that will reach out and grab bad children. My dream yard will have a giant oak tree, or a few, with branches perfect for reclining in and reading books.

Look at this cute little sign!

Oaks among the yellow wildflowers.

 After wandering through the oaky flowery meadows, we reached our destination. And promptly saw a turkey running down the street near the campground.

Turkey cruising by the campground.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect hike. Actually, the ending was made more perfect by a stop at the Cameron’s Corner Circle K for a Mountain Dew Froster mmm… Someday I will take my own extended trek up the Pacific Crest Trail and thru hike from Mexico to British Columbia, but until then I am happy that I live close enough to the southern portion of the trail to enjoy some beautiful day hikes.

Trailmarkers for the Pacific Crest Trail

View of Lake Morena from the Pacific Crest Trail.


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