A Haircut and a Cure

This is my friend Seth.

Seth is going to shave off all of his luxurious locks and his beautiful beard a fundraiser for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research to find cures for childhood cancers. Seth is doing this in honor of Kia, a lovely girl who recently lost her battle with lymphoma. This post is my plea to you, dear readers, to give to Seth’s fundraising effort. You can do it, just skip your latte or your burrito this week. Even a couple of dollars will help him reach his goal.  I did my part, and I know that the few bucks that I could afford will be well spent on helping kids beat cancer.

Seth has about 24 hours left to raise $1,000 and then his bald head will happily shine. Lets make it happen! Simply click here to donate to Seth’s fundraising effort.

Want to know more about St. Baldrick’s? Click here.



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