February Photo Challenge – Week 3!

Week three of the February Photo Challenge has come to a close and I’m now on the home stretch. I’ll admit, I haven’t been perfectly timely in posting the photos on the PGMG Facebook page, but that was only partially my fault and I’m trying to be better about it. In any case, all the photos are ending up here. And now… week three!

February 18 "drink" - Teakettle. For coffee in the morning and tea at night.

February 19 "hate to do" - be indoors on a day like this.

February 20 "handwriting" - this is why I can't help my kid with her cursive.

February 21 "favorite photo of you" - me and my dad, circa 1980.

February 22 "where you work" - trust me, I'm not complaining.

February 23 "shoes" - These are my go-to work shoes. Black and gray, so they go with pretty much everything I own. I'll be so bummed when they are worn to pieces.

February 24 "inside your bathroom cabinet" - I apologize, but unless you have a think for contact lens solution, this photo is probably the least interesting of the bunch. I should note that this is the "hers" side of the cabinet. The "his" side is a little more interesting... contact lens solution AND toothpaste!

Februrary Photo Challenge – Week 1

February Photo Challenge – Week 2


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