Wake up! Its Lent!

Those that know me well know that while I’m a spiritual person, and I identify as a Lutheran, I am not the most religious of Lutherans. How am I not religious? Let me count the ways… child out of wedlock, living in sin with long term boyfriend, occasional tendency toward cursing, has been known to listen to that “devil’s music” your parents warned you about… ok thats enough. Curiously, while I’ve evolved (ack! She said evolved!) into a less traditionally religious person as an adult, there are some traditions that I’ve embraced more fully with age. Lent is one of these.

Christian or not, I think all of us can benefit from pondering our mortality and giving up some of our indulgences. It is only seven weeks, after all. Once those seven weeks are up, we are free to then indulge with ferver on Easter Sunday. Unless, of course, we have learned in those seven weeks that we can, in fact, live without some of our indulgences; in which case we may decide to do away with them altogether.

As I do every year, I will be giving up sweets. This includes soda, desserts of all kinds, and yes, Girl Scout Cookies. Not an easy task when I’ve got a Brownie at home who’s a cookie pusher.  In addition, I will be giving up something that has become WAY too much of an indulgence in the last year: the snooze button. The first morning went surprisingly well, I’m less confident that it will be so easy after the time change next month.  So, what will you be giving up?

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3 Responses to Wake up! Its Lent!

  1. JM Randolph says:

    We’ve been talking a lot at work about what to give up for Lent (being that we’re putting up a production of JC Superstar and all). I like your idea of the snooze button. It’s such a habit, and I know it does me no good whatsoever. I think I’m gonna give that one a shot!

    • PGMG says:

      Hah! Perfect timing for JC Superstar. The snooze button is totally mind over matter. I don’t think anyone really needs it, but I seriously hit it 9 or 10 times every morning, its ridiculous. Good luck! You probably need it more than I do with 5 kids plus late nights!

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