February Photo Challenge – week one, done!

Ok, so I’ve had some requests from readers who are not Facebook users (!) to post the photos for the February photo challenge here. So in order to accommodate all of you social networking resistors, I’m going to do a weekly photo challenge post on Fridays with all of the photos for the week.  I already posted the photos from February 1st and 2nd here, so we’ll start with February 3…

February 3 "hands" - Hands in the air at the Wilco show at Los Angeles Theater.

February 4 "stranger" - This stranger was a little freaked out by The Kid's Furr Real Friend puppy. I think he was glad we got our Rubio's to go.

February 5 "10 am" - Coffee break. Someone took the last of the pot and didn't start a new one. That is bad office karma.

February 6 "dinner" - True confession: Sometimes I have cereal for dinner.

February 7 "button" - The Kid learned how to sew buttons at her Girl Scout retreat over the weekend. So proud!

February 8 "sun" - Sun shining on a sail sculpture. Say that five times fast!

February 9 "front door" - Outside the front doors of the beautiful Los Angeles Theater.

February 10 "self portrait" I did Roy Lichtenstein style self portraits with The Kid's class recently. This is mine. Not bad for a 45 minute project, huh?

Stay tuned for next weeks installation! Or click the “like” button at the top right of this page or on the Pretty Girls Make Gravy’s Facebook page to follow along daily.


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Mama. Bookworm. Hiker. Music lover. Retro enthusiast. Eater of nachos.
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3 Responses to February Photo Challenge – week one, done!

  1. Ariana says:

    Great photos and love your self portrait ! Awesome job! You are very talented!

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