Dia de los Muertos en San Diego

This blog was written last week and then got sidelined by my Salvation Mountain blog. Oops… better late than never though!

On November 1st, we spent the evening wandering around Old Town in San Diego. We admired the altars, the sugar skulls, and especially, the dancers.

Ballet Folklorico de San Diego had all three of us entranced, and had me channeling my inner Latina. It must be living so close to the border, in what technically used to be Mexico, that gives me the intense desire to swing my colorful full skirts around, click my heels, and yell “ai yi yieeeee!”. I wonder if they would let a 33 year old Ukrainian-Scandinavian-American woman sign up… I bet I’d be a natural.

After we watched the dancing, the Kid picked out a sugar skull and a mini mariachi hat and did her own interpretive folk dance.

She begged to be allowed to have her face painted like a skeleton, but since it was a school night, I convinced her it would be a waste to get on all that pretty make-up just to have to wash it off to get ready for bed. I made it up to her that weekend and let her wear her skeleton face while we ran errands.  She was pretty darned cute, and relished the envious stares of other kids in Target.

Not bad for an amatuer face painting job, eh? Maybe I have a new career on my hands…


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