Flaming Lips Fun in the Cemetery

If you’ve never seen the Flaming Lips live, it’s an experience not to be missed. The Boyfriend and I caught their show a few years ago at the Del Mar Summer Concert Series, and at that time we said we HAD to take The Kid to see them the next time we got the opportunity. We started her training with the Flaming Lips album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, and she was pretty into it. She even named our old car Yoshimian Rhapsody, an homage to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

We then moved on to Soft Bulletin, in order to prepare her for an  all-ages Flaming Lips show in Los Angeles at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and last week we made the 2 1/2 hour trip northward in evening traffic for the show. The Kid held up pretty well during the long drive. She and The Boyfriend both caught naps. The Kid also spent some time drawing, and requested that we listen to Adele’s 21 twice in a row while she sang along .

I can hear my mom now: “you took my granddaughter to a rock concert in a cemetery?!” Yes mom, and it was awesome. Hollywood Forever puts on shows all the time,  and its a really fantastic place to see one. They have this great park-like setting with a huge open grassy field. They open the gates a few hours before showtime so you can bring food, drink and blankets and picnic as the sun goes down. You’re really not supposed to cruise around in the graves, but you do get to walk past some pretty impressive headstones.

The Flaming Lips really took advantage of the setting, as they always do. They set up this crazy spaceship thing at the back of the grassy field, hung lights from trees, placed weird lasers here and there, and of course, went crazy with the confetti and balloons. Obviously, The Kid loved every minute of it. Here are some pictures of the fun…

This is the crazy tree at the back of the grassy field. Kinda looks like glowing icicles. It was really kind of magical looking.

This is the spaceship thingy that we sat near. It was about halfway between the icicle tree and the stage, up on a little hill. The upside down sphere was covered with teeny tiny mirrors and there were little green lasers that were reflecting onto everything.

There was this Price is Right style wheel you could spin that The Kid was slightly obsessed with. When she spun it, it looked like this:

Trippy, huh? You can see why a 7-year-old girl who loves sparkly things would be mesmerized. Flaming Lips shows are clearly geared toward small children or people on drugs.

Who knew that making shadows on mausoleums could be so fun? I think The Boyfriend is trying to scare the hipster bikes in this one.

This was our view of frontman Wayne Coyne making an entrance in the Space Bubble. This pic doesn’t really do it justice, so if you want to get a better idea, take a look at this video that someone standing up front took:

The Kid wasn’t even close to being the only kid there, they were everywhere, easily spotted by the giant balloons they were all carrying. The Kid was pretty excited to get her hands on her first balloon. Playing mausoleum wall ball with your kid is totally normal right?

She was kind of bummed when her mausoleum wall ball balloon died, but we laid it to rest and she moved on to a green balloon after a brief grieving period:

She was pretty satisfied with the green balloon until she saw this blue one that was easily bigger than her. She pounced on it pretty quick and dragged it around for the rest of the show. She was even agreeable to giving up her green balloon and The Boyfriend released it into the craziness of the crowd during the confetti filled Do You Realize encore:

It looks pretty happy up there, huh?


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3 Responses to Flaming Lips Fun in the Cemetery

  1. Mama says:

    Emma is the luckiest kid in the world! It looks like such fun, and you are right “magical”. I love sharing in her memories by reading your awesome blogs. Love you guys so much. Mama

  2. bettycrafter says:

    Wow – what great pictures! I took my little one to see the Flaming Lips at the Austin City Limits Festival when she was barely walking. She was entranced.
    What a lucky daughter you have!

    • PGMG says:

      She’s lucky… but we’re also pretty lucky to have a kid thats agreeable to being dragged around to so many shows! I’m sure someday she’s going to think we’re totally uncool and refuse to be seen in public with us, but until then its great to be able to share these things with her.

      The one drawback to the Flaming Lips show, and I’m sure you noticed this too… Wayne drops a lot of f-bombs! Not in a gangsta rap kind of way, he uses the f-word more like a transitional word. I don’t even think he knows hes saying it!Thankfully the confetti, lights, and balloons were enough to distract her 7 year old ears from the bad language. The giant noise reducing headphones probably helped too.

      We’ve also been meaning to make it out to Austin for ACL for years now… someday it will happen!

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