Cancer, you done pissed me off. Again.

Don’t you hate how you can be enjoying a beautiful Friday afternoon, looking forward to a three day weekend filled with working in the garden, sleeping in, and dancing all night at Prince concert when bad news comes along and just ruins it for you?

Photo by Old King I love love love Jenny's hot air balloon dress in this photo.

So I just found out that the Jenny Conlee, one of the players in one of my favorite bands, The Decemberists, is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and now I’m in tears. Seriously. Maybe my hormones are acting up or something, I’m not sure, because it’s not like Jenny is a family member, or friend, or I’ve even ever met her; but it doesn’t matter, this news has me fighting mad. Jenny is an awesome, inspiring, talented woman and it’s so not cool for cancer to think that it can just come along and try to keep her from making music and inspiring people. In fact, cancer shouldn’t be able to stop anyone from doing anything EVER.

To be fair, my beef with cancer gets a  little more personal then Jenny, her illness is just the most recent time cancer has pissed me off, and so maybe some of my old emotions are just getting freshly stirred up. My Grandma Ollie battled breast cancer back in the 1970’s and died from lymphoma in 1991. My Grandma Cobbie died from lung cancer in 2008. I miss my grandmas. A lot. My mom and my aunt both beat uterine cancer, my almost-mom beat breast cancer AND lymphoma, and my best friend beat cervical cancer when she was only 19. Those ladies are total rock stars, obviously.   

I don’t know about you, but I’m super tired of cancer trying to get people that I care about. It shouldn’t be able to take our friends, family members, or favorite accordion players away from us. Here are a few ways you can help tell cancer to shove it.

  1. Buy the super adorable Team Jenny t-shirt from the Decemberists shop for the low, low price of $25. All net proceeds go to Susan G. Koman for the Cure.
  2. Donate to my friend Valerie’s 3-day Walk for the Cure in Atlanta. She’s trying to raise $2,500 by October and even a couple of bucks can help her reach her goal.
  3. Find an organization of your choice, and donate time, energy, or money to finding a cure.

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