Insanity. Of both the Sock and School Shooting Varieties.

After a long reprieve from the insanity of The Kid trying on 25 pairs of socks in the morning, its back. Only now its the pants that feel funny. Too long, too short, they feel funny in the butt, they’re too loose, too tight, or not the right color. After her throwing a fit, me getting impatient and snappy, and her trying on every pair of pants in her possession, The Kid finally, and reluctantly, settled on her black yoga pants. These were still substandard, mind you, as “they touch the ground”, but I guess were the least offensive out of the mountain of size 6x pants left in a pile on the floor.  

Per usual, the experience left us late for school, angry at each other, and in terrible moods. The Kid threw me a dirty look as she walked into her classroom, and I said a half-hearted “I love you, have a good day.” I hate leaving her at school like that, especially on days like today, when she will be going to her dads after school and I won’t see her for two days.

So I get to work in a sour mood, and make the big mistake of reading the paper when I stop to drop my lunch off in the lunch room refrigerator. 12 kids killed in a Rio de Janeiro elementary school shooting? Thats exactly what I did not need to read about. These kinds of things break my heart and make me indescribibly angry when I hear about them anytime; but on a morning when I’ve just left my 7 year old at her elementary school, both of us angry? Now I’m sobbing in the lunchroom. No joke.

I’m thinking about those poor parents, hoping that all of them had amazing mornings with their kids, gave them good hugs, and told them how much they love them. And I’m thinking about the kids, who have a right to feel as safe and happy at school as they do at home, if not more so in some cases. I’m not sure what the solution is to craziness like this, but I know that there has to be one out there.

I’m also not sure what the solution is to the craziness of The Kid’s pickiness regarding her wardrobe. But I know I don’t care if she tries on every shirt, sock, shoe and pair of pants she has, I’m going to make sure she knows how much I love her every morning, no matter how impatient I get.


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One Response to Insanity. Of both the Sock and School Shooting Varieties.

  1. Mama says:

    I’m a blubbering idiot right now! You’re right Tricia. The socks, the pants, in the big picture, small potatoes. I know, though, getting everyone out the door in the morning ON TIME is a chore in itself. Your are the best mom, and she is the best kid. This mom loves you both so much.

    Love Mama

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