Sophie Blackall Beautifies Missed Connections

As I mentioned in my Best Kid Books of 2010 post, The Kid is a big fan of Ivy + Bean, a series of books about two second grade girls wonderfully written by Annie Barrows and beautifully illustrated by Sophie Blackall. I’ve always loved the illustrations in the Ivy + Bean books; so when I saw on The Urchin Movement blog that Sophie Blackall had been putting pictures to the Missed Connections section of Craigslist for the past few years, I was curious. My curiosity resulted in whiling away my lunch hour on Blackall’s Missed Connections blog and subsequently ordering a print from her Etsy store.  Here are some of my faves…

Thursday, April 22, 2010 m4w - 26 (Union Square) Floral Print Jacket on the L. Can I buy you a drink? -Buffalo plaid jacket


Monday, May 3, 2010 We both purchased owl statues today. You are the classy looking dame in a red dress. I am the mustachioed gentleman. I think we should meet up and discuss further wildlife decor.

Monday, November 2nd, 2009 - You left your coat here last winter... or rather, you let me wear it home. I found fun dip in one pocket and your NYPL card in the other. It's going to keep me deliciously warm this winter as I rack up mountains of overdue fines.

5 points for you if you can guess which of the prints I ordered. Believe me, I was tempted by many of them, and chances are one or two more will probably be mine or will be gifted to dear friends in the future.

A little more sleuthing led me to this NPR story on Sophie Blackall’s Missed Connections work and the Missed Connections party put on by the New York Transit Museum last month for Valentines Day. Cool, huh? Lucky for those of us who can’t just pick one favorite Missed Connections illustration, it looks like Blackall has a book in the works. Lesson learned here is that when I love the artwork in one of The Kid’s books, I should look into the illustrator’s grown-up goings on as well.

Hope you all enjoy checking these out as much as I did.


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