Happy Ash Wednesday!

Remember that thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return.- Genesis 3:19

It’s that time of year again… Lent is upon us. Time to ask for forgiveness, reflect on our mortality, and test our resolve by giving up some of our excesses until Easter. Oh, and listen to Ash Wednesday by Elvis Perkins, one of my favorite albums of all time.

So what are you all giving up this year? As we do every year, our household is giving up sweets. In addition I have decided to also give up meat and dairy, which is traditional for Ukrainian (Eastern) Catholics. Thankfully, I already love eating like a Ukrainian peasant (vegetables, vegetable, vegetables) so I think I should be ok. And no, I’m not having an identity crisis, I am aware that I was raised Lutheran. But with all the family research I’ve been doing I’ve decided to get in touch with the Ukrainian roots on my dad’s side. I won’t be honoring the dates of Ukrainian Catholic Lent though, as it’s calculated a little different than Western Lent, as described in  Wikipedia, that holiest of websites where I get all my religious information:

In those churches which follow the Rite of Constantinople (e.g. Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholics), the forty days of Lent are counted differently; also, the date of Pascha (Easter) is calculated differently in the East than in the West (see Computus). The fast begins on Clean Monday, and Sundays are included in the count; thus, counting uninterruptedly from Clean Monday, Great Lent ends on the fortieth consecutive day, which is the Friday before Palm Sunday. The days of Lazarus Saturday, Palm Sunday and Holy Week are considered a distinct period of fasting. For more detailed information about the Eastern Christian practice of Lent, see the article Great Lent.

What?! Keeping those dates straight while abstaining from cheese might be a little too much for my poor brain to handle. Thankfully my good friend Molly has a great recipe blog, called The Particular Kitchen, all about nutrition and food allergies. I have a feeling it will come in pretty handy during Lent this year. Thanks in advance for helping me keep my fast Molls!

And I’ll end this post with a little something from someecards, a website that can always make me laugh on days when I am supposed to be solemn:


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2 Responses to Happy Ash Wednesday!

  1. molly says:

    wonderful! good luck with your lent resolutions? are they resolutions? anyway, glad i can be of some assistance!

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