Best Picture Marathon 2011! (Day 2)

Ok, so I’m just going to get this in under the wire, as the Ocscars start in about an hour or something. Saturday #2 of Best Picture marathon was yesterday, and with the exception of Black Swan, it was a much better group of movies compared to Saturday #1.

Winter’s Bone

This one was my favorite of the ten. I’m pretty sure I remember the Fresh Air interview with the director, Debra Granik, she said that many of the people in the movie were real Ozark folk, not actors. And that sure seemed to be the case. If not, then the make up and costumers should surely win for their spot-on replication of hicks and crank addicts. Anyway, the story was heartbreaking, I wanted to lift every resident of that crap hole town up out of the trees and carry them away to have a new life somewhere. But you get the feeling they wouldn’t want that, strange as that may seem. I hope this one wins, but I don’t think it will.

Black Swan.

Lames. I’ve said this to a few people already, it is no exaggeration to say that this might be the worst movie I’ve seen in the last decade, if not ever.  It was basically a bad ballet horror comedy lesbian porno combo; but I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be serious high art. Seriously, Adam and I could not contain our giggles, and we were not the only ones. Winona Ryder’s character is particularly hilarious, and Natalie Portman was ridiculous.  The Boyfriend couldn’t even take it, he actually left about two-thirds of the way in, but I stuck it out with great difficulty. If this movie wins, or Natalie Portman wins Best Actress, I’ll lose all faith in the motion picture industry. How in God’s name did this movie end up here?! (UPDATE: As promised, I’ve lost all faith in the motion picture industry. Best Actress?!).


Ok, so after the mind numbing stupidity of Black Swan, Inception came along and put my mind in a blender. That was one hard to follow movie. But it was good. We had no idea what this movie was about, so that probably contributed to being mentally wiped out by the storyline, I’d see it again just to so I can follow along a little better the second time around.  Now, while I was fully engaged in trying to follow the plotline, The Boyfriend checked out and took a nap. I’m chalking it up to all the talk about dreams. So I enjoyed this one a lot, super creative, visually very pretty, but I don’t think it will win Best Picture.

The Social Network

I didn’t expect to like The Social Network. I find Jesse Eisenberg mildly annoying, and I really didn’t have any interest in learning about Mark Zuckerberg. But surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. I think the way the story was told, moving back and forth between the deposition and the events, made it much more interesting than it would have been as a linear plot. Good, but not amazing.

The King’s Speech

I predict this one will win Best Picture. It was really great. Didn’t make me like royalty any more than I already do, they seem like a pretty useless bunch for the most part, but the story would have been interesting whether it involved royalty or not. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were both great, per usual; and it was so satisfying to see Helena Bonham Carter get outside the realm of Tim Burton and Harry Potter for the first time in years. Her hats in the movie were so awesome, I’d love to see fancy hat wearing come back into fashion.

Ok, so lets go watch the Oscars!


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3 Responses to Best Picture Marathon 2011! (Day 2)

  1. Lonestar says:

    I am impressed that you managed to see all of these movies before the Oscars. I never make it around to seeing all the films.

    While I don’t share your vitriol for Black Swan, I felt “meh” about it. It’s the kind of film you expect from Darren Aronofsky. He makes the type of “art” film you are a fan of in your early college years (thinking of Pi). The one thing that did bug me about Black Swan was Natalie Portman’s acting. The majority of the movie was her portraying scared freaked out hyperventilating face.

  2. PGMG says:

    Yeah, she pretty much had one expression, and her constant heavy breathing almost drove me to lose grip on reality… Not worthy of Best Actress even a little.

    Don’t be too impressed, seeing all 10 BP Nominees in two weekend is pretty much the laziest accomplishment ever. AMC does a screening every year, so you just buy a pass and see 5 in a row one Saturday, and 5 in a row the next. Thankfully, they give you about a half hour break between each movie to get some fresh air and some serious walking.

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