The Big List

Maybe it’s my recent attempts (and failures) at planning a winter road trip; maybe it’s the rapidly approaching end of the year and associated list of New Year’s resolutions,  I’m not really sure.  But I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things I want to do and places I want to go. So being a list maker, I’ve decided to make the Big List.

The Big List will only be for Big Things, hence the name. This is not your typical to do list for bills, groceries, movies to see, etc. The Big List is for things that take work, planning, commitment, and frequently, saving money.  Although these days it feels like seeing a movie does take a lot of planning and commitment, not to mention saving money.

You’ll notice there is a lot of travel on the Big List. I still think it’s pretty unreal that in my 32 years, the only foreign country I’ve visited is Mexico. Unless you count Humboldt County, which felt more like a foreign country then Mexico, quite honestly. And granted I’ve probably seen more of Mexico than a lot of people, but still… I need to get across the pond. All the ponds.

So I’m posting the list in the hopes that keeping it on the blog will encourage me to actually do these things. The Big List will undoubtedly grow, but I will not be crossing off anything once it’s there until it’s actually done. Here goes, wish me luck! Click on to see The Big List


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Mama. Bookworm. Hiker. Music lover. Retro enthusiast. Eater of nachos.
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