Sock It To Me

Of all the things to make or break the success of a morning, around our house it seems like the culprit is usually uncomfortable socks.  Sometimes uncomfortable underwear, but more often than not, socks.  Specifically, the problem is that The Kid doesn’t really like socks, and she’s very picky about the ones that she will wear.  Socks that are fine one day, will the next day be slightly too small, or have one too many strings, or “just feel weird”.  The crisis of socks that feel weird usually unfolds something like this:

The Kid: Mom this sock feels kinda weird.

Me: Ok well why don’t you take it off and start over.

The Kid: It still feels weird! (Shakes foot vigorously)

Me: Ok, try another pair.

(Frantic sock trying on ensues.)

The Kid: They all feel weird! None of my socks feel good!

Me: Ok, well we need to get in the car so just pick the pair that feels least weird and let’s go.

The Kid: I can’t! They don’t feel good; I don’t know what to do!

Me: Just get some socks on.

The Kid: MOM! I don’t know which ones! They’re all weird!

Me: KID! You need to get socks and shoes on NOW! We have to go!

(I storm down the stairs, The Kid starts crying.)

The Kid: (Through tears) Mom, are you leaving without me?

ME: NO! I’m just going downstairs, now please GET YOUR SOCKS AND SHOES ON!

The Kid: (Crying…)

 Eventually she’ll come down the stairs with her socks and shoes on; we get in the car, and ride to school and work in silence.  Then I go to work feeling terrible that we left each other mad and wondering whether the problem lies with the socks, her feet, or my parenting.  I try to reassure myself that it will get easier, that she’ll outgrow it.  But then I remember that I still prefer my Rainbow flip-flops over all other shoes and would wear them to work every day if I were allowed to, and I realize the sock drama saga will likely continue for years to come.  I suppose sock drama is going to be the least of my worries when it comes to having an apple who didn’t fall too far from the tree…


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3 Responses to Sock It To Me

  1. Mama says:

    It will pass. I remember your uncle Bill and his sock drama. He still has sock drama. Just be glad she’s not a boy that insists upon cinching his 501’s up around his waist as tight he can with a belt that has about 6 inches hanging out from the buckle. Yep, that was uncle Bill, and you’d never know it now by the “wild outdoor man” that he is, and as low as those levi’s have slipped!

    I hated those mornings when I lost it getting the 3 of you out the door to St. John’s. Worrying if that would be the way you remember me. As long as you haven’t thrown the loaf of bread you’re doing fine. Just love the little “wing nut” for the wonderful, funny, sometimes trying the darlin’ that she is. Like I do you!!!

    Love Mama

  2. Dan Nielsen says:

    I completely identify with that scenario. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have gotten “Dad, these socks (tights shirt, whatever) bother me….” from Soph….she cannot, however manage to explain what that means…

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