Recipe for a Glorious Morning

After 32 years on this planet I have finally discovered the perfect morning. I don’t mean the perfect weekday morning, where I am able to get myself showered and dressed, my Kid ready for school, and get out the door and to work on time, I don’t think there is a solution for that time crunch. I mean the perfect way to make up for those stressful weekday mornings with a glorious weekend morning. Here’s the recipe:

Espresso machine (prepped the night before)
Comfy pajamas
A snoring significant other
A good book
optional: a laptop, a snuggly six year old


The night before, prep the espresso machine and ensure that your mug and espresso are at the ready for the next morning. When the sun and/or sound of birds and people outside wake you up, carefully stagger down the stairs to the espresso machine and make a nice latte. Extra points if you can do it without glasses or contacts.

Stagger back upstairs and climb back in bed. Nudge the snoring significant other to move over if needed, but not so far that you don’t get snuggled. Grab a book, or a laptop if you’re not a reader, and relax in bed as long as possible. Make sure to keep the coffee within reach, and don’t  look at the clock.

If you have a six year old on hand, they are a nice addition to the recipe, and fun to read with, but tend not to snuggle very long, so its good to have a dvd player on hand in the living room so you can keep them occupied for a sufficient amount of time while you relax.



About PGMG

Mama. Bookworm. Hiker. Music lover. Retro enthusiast. Eater of nachos.
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