Best Picture Marathon… Part deux

Ok so remember what I said about seeing five movies in a row, and how it was getting easier every year? That all goes out the window when you’re seeing five movies in a row TWICE. Yesterday was tough. Made tougher by the fact that AMC decided to not let people bring in outside food this year and I got reprimanded when I walked in with my coffee. Dear AMC, coffee is vital for conciousness when you’re about to go sit in a dark theatre for twelve hours. And eating nothing but theatre food for that long is a great way to induce migraines, and potentially heart attacks and diabetic coma. They’ll be hearing from me about that.

So on to the run-down…

An Education was great. The Boyfriend and I were both drooling over the clothes and desperately wishing we could  time travel back to 1960’s London to go shopping. I definitely need to polish up my sewing skills and dig out those dress patterns I have. Carey Mulligan, who plays Jenny, reminded us of the love child of Katie Holmes and Sally Field. Now about the big stuff, the great thing about this story is that while you knew that all parties involved were making wrong decisions at every turn, there was something likeable enough about them that you wanted things turn out right. Don’t get me wrong, the relationship between David and Jenny was gross for sure, 16 and 30-somethings just shouldn’t be making out. Thankfully the characters had enough personality, not to mention other issues, that the relationship didn’t totally dominate. Even though it was obviously wrong, it was palatable.  Bottom line, really good movie. Totally enjoyable and a great way to start off the day.

The Hurt Locker was next. As war movies go, this one was interesting. And it was the only one out of the ten movies that made me cry. Well, not counting Up. Obviously crying for different reasons there. The Hurt Locker was just so sad.  Sad because of the reality of war, not because any of the characters were especially endearing, or the story was great. It just reinforced (over and over again) that war is horrible for so many reasons. Given the political climate, I predict that this one will win. Aside from the sadness, what I could have done without was the shaky hand held camera. The Boyfriend was especially annoyed by this, and it didn’t do much for me either. Not sure why directors are gravitating toward that these days. Newsflash, you’re not fooling anyone, we know it’s a Hollywood feature film, not a home movie.

You know, I should say that The Hurt Locker was made much more interesting because I had listened to Terry Gross interview Kathryn Bigelow on Fresh Air a few weeks back. Hearing Kathryn talk about making the movie made it more enjoyable than it would have  been otherwise. I recommend checking out the interview in the Fresh Air archives. 

Next up was Up In The Air. This was a nice change of pace after The Hurt Locker. We loved this one. It was funny, great story, great music. The characters were all great, and like An Education, you just wanted things to turn out right for everyone. The only downside was the adultery. Adultery seemed to be the theme of choice this year. Vera Farmiga and George Clooney are both aging remarkably.  Doesn’t really strike me as best picture though, as enjoyable as it was. But that might be because it was during Up In The Air that my migraine struck. I was stupid not to eat up until this point, even movie theatre nachos might have helped me avoid a hunger induced migraine.

We ran out to grab some dinner right after Up In The Air in an attempt to kill the migraine. O-Nami was not the right choice. At the time, all you can eat sushi sounded like the perfect solution. And had it been great sushi it might have worked. But this was not great sushi, and the $26.00 price tag left an even worse taste than the sushi itself. Never again.

The Blind Side was next. Not really my kind of movie, football and southern accents and all. And Leigh Anne would have been infinitely less annoying if someone other than Sandra Bullock would have been in the role. But it was a feel good movie for sure. Neither The Boyfriend or I knew until the end credits that it was based on a true story, so for me that made it better than it would have been otherwise. I like knowing that a Hollywood feel good ending was actually kind of a real life feel good ending. 

The tackling and headbutting and such didn’t do much for the migraine, so we actually headed out after The Blind Side and cheated with Inglorious Bastards. Thanks to Blockbuster having hundreds of copies we were able to come home, I ate some Imitrex, and we finished the marathon in bed.

Inglorious Bastards was really great. I watched quite a bit of it through my fingers, because I’m not good with blood at all. Speaking of adulterers Brad Pitt was actually hilarious. This is easily my favorite Tarantino movie since Pulp Fiction. There was more than enough humor, drama, sadness,  subtitles, accents, and history to keep me entertained, and not overly grossed out by the gore. I wish this one would win, but being up against The Hurt Locker, I doubt that it will.

Ok, off to Original Pancake House with the kid and the boy, and watching the Oscars later at my mama’s house. Crossing my fingers that A Serious Man or Inglorious Bastards wins! You?


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